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The Queens


Prepare to be enchanted by the refined grace and sophistication of our exquisite female Maine Coon cats. These feline ladies are the embodiment of poise, known for their graceful presence and captivating allure. At our cattery, we take great pride in offering you the privilege of welcoming these elegant queens into your life. With their graceful forms, opulent coats, and beguiling features, our Lady Maine Coons exude a timeless charm that is simply irresistible. These refined beauties, with their regal composure and affectionate hearts, are sure to capture your heart and become the queens of your affection. Whether you seek a devoted companion for your family or a regal confidante to grace your kingdom, our Lady Maine Coons are the perfect choice. Embrace the majesty of the Maine Coon, and let a Lady reign supreme in your heart today!

lady bellarosa_edited_edited.jpg

Lady Bellarossa

lady fiona_edited.jpg

Lady Fiona

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lady sofia_edited_edited.jpg

Lady Sofia

Lady victoria_edited_edited.jpg

Lady Victoria

lady faith_edited.jpg

Lady Faith

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